Have I Done Enough?


There are so many people who seem to be tireless in their service of others; so many who labor for years in service to our Lord.  Other people do a few things and feel that they have done their share, and then they go home…

When have we done enough to serve God?

Jesus spoke about this several times, but the one that really got my attention is found in Luke 17:7-10 where Jesus asks a question about servants.  To paraphrase, He says ‘Suppose you had a servant who worked all day long in the fields and then comes in after his work; would you tell him to sit down and take a load off?’  (remember, this is a paraphrase)  ‘No’ Jesus goes on, ‘you’d tell him to get your dinner ready, get ready to wait on you and then he can have his dinner.’ Here’s the question:

“Would he…

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