Conviction’s Conviction

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Romans 14:3-6; 12-13, 23

3The one who eatseverything must notdespisethe one who doesnot, andthe one who abstainsmustnot judgethe one who eatseverything, forGodhas acceptedhim.4Whoareyouto pass judgmenton another’sservant? Before his ownmasterhe standsorfalls. Andhe will stand, forthe Lord is able to makehimstand.  5Oneperson regardsone dayholier thanother days, andanother regardsthemallalike. Each must be fully convincedinhis ownmind.6The one who observesthe daydoes it for the Lord. The one who eats, eatsfor the Lordbecausehe gives thanksto God, andthe one who abstainsfrom eatingabstainsfor the Lord, andhe gives thanksto…

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